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How I work

Maciej Nowak Enterprise Financing

I take my job seriously – with full responsibility and the years of experience behind me – I put my name to it. I provide my clients with financing strategies that suit their companies’ needs.

I support them in obtaining finance, prepare necessary documents, and I can find the way through when small and medium-sized companies frequently find the doors shut.

I look for the best options and lead you through the complex banking procedures, always with regard to the development of your company, not only here and now, but also in the perspective of coming years and their financial challenges.

Maciej Nowak



Why would you want to work with me?

Thinking about the new investments in your company you are looking for the best financing solution. The best, that is, safe and beneficial. Of course, you already have your bank – you meet there a clerk who makes you an initial offer, you are sending enquiries to several other banks and check one against the other, when it finally turns out they just do not match. It might be also that the bank refuses to grant you the financing or it gives you requirements you can’t meet. There are more and more forms to fill in, the procedures are taking more and more time, and the changes are taking place all the way through… And what if you could put your trust in somebody who can successfully lead you through the whole process? Somebody who: – Can prepare your company to obtain financing and is willing to share his professional experience and specialist knowledge, so that you always know what to do, where to apply, to whom to speak to?
Can obtain the best financing conditions for the company on your behalf, foresee unpleasant surprises on the financial market and make you safe from them in the future?

This is how I work for my clients. I am reliable. I carefully consider each individual case, give advice and help companies obtain financing, selecting appropriate means, such as loans, factoring, leasing, or I combine them to suit your needs. I analyse the way the company is financed and cater solutions which will help it develop without unnecessary risk and unpleasant surprises, making it also more possible to obtain financing more easily and more cost-effectively in the future.

Let us meet and talk about the financial needs of your company.

Call me: +48 739 02 12 82 or e-mail me:

How I work?


During many years of experience I have learned how to carefully analyse the company’s position and give the right diagnosis. I know exactly what each and every factor that is considered when obtaining the financing means – both on the part of the financial institution and investor. I can quickly and accurately identify if, where and on what conditions the planned investments can get the financing. I am not focusing on the limitations. Rather, I minimise them. I look for chances and help take advantage of them in the best possible way. I look for chances and help take advantage of them in the best possible way.


I always perform my job with respect to the law following my professional code of conduct. I will not “get” you a loan without first fulfilling all the necessary formalities, rather I proceed employing my expert knowledge and network of valuable contacts in the world of finance I have built up throughout the years. I operate in a transparent and officially approved way. I keep you informed at every stage and explain the results, so that you can check the progress of my work at any time. Also when I know there is no chance for a company to receive financing I do not hesitate to tell them that straight up. I work up the trust my clients put in me every day.


I select the method of financing and financial institutions based not only on how they can help meet the current needs of a company, but also prepare it financially for the development in the years to come – according to what the company is planning to do. The financing procedure does not end with signing the documents and the money transferred to your account. It requires thinking it over in a much longer perspective – in such a way that the taken action is not a problem, but chance. That is why I work with my clients on a long term basis. Even when it is not possible to obtain the financing or refinancing of the debt obligations of a company, I prepare the company for obtaining it in a specified future time period.

Let us meet and talk about the financial needs of your company

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